\ Positive Business Solutions website

Positive Business Solutions needed a fresh bold website that would highlight to two core focuses of the business. Making great use of the strong brand colours to give a modern uncluttered feel.

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\ Wilderness Bakehouse

Mrs B’s Bakery wanted a name change and so needed a new logo to go with it. Working with AVIDD, the Wilderness Bakehouse logo was developed to bring the brands values to life. Local, organic, seasonal and ethical were the key words, values which we share and appreciate. The new logo creates the image of one of their cakes crafted from wild flowers, giving it a bohemian feel with a contemporary edge.

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\ The Stamford Kitchen Company Website

The Stamford Kitchen Company asked us to re-design their website. After the name change and logo design, the website was a development of their brand and needed to reflect their quality and market placement. User experience was important, with the ability to navigate the ranges easily being key.

We wanted the kitchens to speak for themselves so included a large image on the homepage with a carousel showing an overview of the different types of kitchens they provide. With mobile devices being the most popular way to view websites, responsiveness was extremely important so the design reflects this.

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\ St Paul’s Cathedral Biscuits

We were asked to design packaging for a new range in St Paul’s Cathedral shop which included both chocolate bars and tins of biscuits. We wanted to create a more sophisticated feel in line with the St Paul’s shop range and so evolved an eye-catching repeat pattern featuring not only St Paul’s but also other London icons. The result – a set encouraging customers to pick up both products rather than just one. The bars and biscuits are a massive success with tourists looking to take home a flavour of London.

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\ Shrinking Violet Logo

We were asked to rebrand creative florist Shrinking Violet. We created the main logo as an explosion of colour and working with florists Nicky and Lorraine, we endeavoured to evolve an accurate floral display representation indicative of their unique style. The word mark  – created in collaboration with local calligrapher Helen Cox –  can be used in isolation where a more simple logo is required.

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\ Matley Dental Logo

A local dentist approached us looking to refresh the practice branding. As it also performed cosmetic surgery, a logo was needed to cover all services. A simple design was evolved – a swoosh below the word mark to represent the smile of a happy customer, happy with their beautiful teeth, happy with the service, happy with their cosmetic procedure.

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\ The Stamford Kitchen Company Logo

We were contacted by the Stamford Kitchen Company, formerly Banks and Banks, to establish a new website to highlight their distinctive kitchen designs. As part of that process and after a name change, we generated a new logo to set the brand apart. The client loved the idea of an icon, so an ‘S’ was developed to form a stylised kitchen cabinet. The logo was applied to various items including the new Stamford Kitchen Company website which is launching shortly.

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\ SNIK Photoshoot

SNIK are an art duo based in the United Kingdom. With over a decade’s experience painting walls inside and out they have established themselves as one of the most interesting and progressive stencil artists of the moment.

We were asked to undertake the photoshoot to produce the source material for the artwork.

As hair plays an important role in many of SNIK’s pieces, the most recent shoot involved models and a trampoline, with the aim to capture a ‘suspended in mid air’ feel.


\ Williams Clinic Website

Local start up Williams Clinic, specialising in beauty and aesthetic treatments approached us to design their website. Using large images to highlight the different treatments, combined with light, clean colours we believe the website achieved a professional feel, giving confidence to the visitor and potential client.

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\ Shrinking Violet Stationery

Rebrand for Creative Florist Shrinking Violet. We created the the main logo as an explosion of colour, and working with the florists Nicky & Lorraine we stove to create an accurate representation of a floral display that was indicative of their unique style. The word mark, created in collaboration with local Calligrapher Helen Cox can be used in isolation, where a more simple logo is required.