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We love print we really do, and in this very digital world it is more important than ever. Nothing compares to a beautifully designed brochure on really good stock with some nice print finishes.

We can help lead you through the process of producing the right print collateral for the job discussing folds, paper sizes and binding techniques. From a 200 page product brochure to an a5 leaflet, we will collaborate with our fantastic print partners to deliver great literature that not only does the job but also makes people want to interact with it as much as it’s digital counterpart.


Brochures & Leaflets

With the introduction of digital brochures there was talk about printed brochures being a thing of the past.

Thankfully that hasn’t been the case. What has happened is the industry has raised their game offering finishes and options giving a mind boggling choice to clients. These finishing touches like machine stitching and open chest binding added to size and fold options and print finishes such as soft touch and spot UV can really add another dimension to your brochures or leaflets and set you apart from your competitors.

Here are a few size and fold options that we may mention when we start talking about your collateral:

Shape & orientation




Direct mail

It’s very easy to ignore an email. We get so many we just bin them without opening. But if an interesting direct mail piece drops on your doormat or your desk you are a lot more likely to take an interest.

We are generally bombarded with messages so introducing die cut shapes, pop-up’s, folds or any other device grabs the attention and holds it while you deliver your message, making sure your brand is remembered.


We know this is a piece for us, designed by us, but it received great feed back. Everyone loves origami. If you want one sent to you contact us.

AVIDD Leave behind

A great way to bring your brand to life visually is the use of posters. A set of really nicely designed posters in a run of 3 (odd numbers always look better) with different messages can have a lot of impact.

Our advice is always keep it simple, people don’t want to, and won’t stand reading a cluttered poster not knowing what to read first. Brand the poster with your logo and use your brand colours and fonts for consistency, then decide what your main message is and use that as your headline. Use interesting and engaging imagery that sits well with your other brand collateral and if you do want a secondary message keep it smaller and towards the bottom of the poster finishing with a call to action or contact details.

Stick to that layout and your posters will get noticed.

matley poster@2x
Kind to the planet


Printed literature doesn’t need to cost the earth and it certainly doesn’t need to impact on the planet. There are lots of things we can do to. We can use recycled papers and environmental inks, GF Smith have launched a range of papers made from used paper cups, proving there are options out there. We can also utalise paper with FSC classification which is paper sourced from well-managed forests. It is different from using recycled paper but can work to create for a more sustainable product.

If you are looking to produce some collateral, talking to the team at AVIDD is a great start.