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As a branding agency we develop strong visual identities from scratch, creating a brand that can make a real impact in the marketplace. We will be as passionate about that brand as you are, as we collaborate to bring personality to your company.

We can also help change or update an existing brand, refreshing it and giving it a new relevance in an ever changing world, re-connecting you with your consumers like never before.





A lot of people when talking about a brand think this is the be all and end all but in truth its just part of the story. Logo design is a very visible part of a brand. Its probably the starting point when a designer is creating the brand identity.

A good logo should sum up the brand and give clues about its personality or heritage. When we create a new logo we deliver the client with a strong image that their brand hangs off. We supply the client with numerous versions of the logo so they have a logo for all usages. A white version for use on strong colours, a black or brand coloured version for when used on white or lighter colours. Sometimes we will create a logo that also includes a strapline to tell more of the brand story and even a portrait version and a landscape version. Each client will have their own needs and requirements that we satisfy when we deliver the collateral.

Brand Elements


A good brand should know who it is and who it wants to talk to, so it needs to have a set of values. Those values should radiate from everything and penetrate deep into the brand core.

Your brand is built on reputation and the connections that consumers make with it. We can work with you to create a strong set of values that really express who you are. We can then use your tools like your website, your social media, advertising and experiential experiences to bring those values to life. It should strengthen the connections that the consumer makes when thinking about you and your offer by giving relevant messages, telling the story you want to get across.

As the CEO of Starbucks Howard
Schultz, said:

“If people believe they share values with a company, they
will stay loyal to the brand.”

Brand Elements


We always create a Brand Guidelines document as part of our process. This document sets in stone the key components of your brand from logo positioning to the brand values, tone of voice and typeface to colour palette.

This really does bring the brand to life and introduces other elements that are specific to that client. If you take the AVIDD brand as an example we have a chevron device that we use in many different ways. But always adhering to the guidelines we created to keep the brand looking tight while allowing it to always look fresh and interesting. As part of this document we also show examples of how the brand works showing corporate stationery with a letter heading and business card design and also a website homepage.



Colour palette

Brand launch


We also understand that your brand and its values don’t just need to be shouted about to consumers. Your staff will be the face of your business so we always suggest that they buy into, and get excited by, your new brand. If this isn’t done, you will waste all the effort that has gone into defining your brand.

Launching new brand values should be a big deal internally. Working with an agency like AVIDD will help develop a launch programme. It could be an event or it could be through promotional materials. Whatever, constant daily reminders to staff will instill in them your values so they understand them, believe in them, get excited by them and communicate

\ Wilderness Bakehouse

Mrs B’s Bakery wanted a name change and so needed a new logo to go with it. Working with AVIDD, the Wilderness Bakehouse logo was developed to bring the brands values to life. Local, organic, seasonal and ethical were the key words, values which we share and appreciate. The new logo creates the image of one of their cakes crafted from wild flowers, giving it a bohemian feel with a contemporary edge.

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\ Shrinking Violet Logo

We were asked to rebrand creative florist Shrinking Violet. We created the main logo as an explosion of colour and working with florists Nicky and Lorraine, we endeavoured to evolve an accurate floral display representation indicative of their unique style. The word mark  – created in collaboration with local calligrapher Helen Cox –  can be used in isolation where a more simple logo is required.

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\ Matley Dental Logo

A local dentist approached us looking to refresh the practice branding. As it also performed cosmetic surgery, a logo was needed to cover all services. A simple design was evolved – a swoosh below the word mark to represent the smile of a happy customer, happy with their beautiful teeth, happy with the service, happy with their cosmetic procedure.

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\ The Stamford Kitchen Company Logo

We were contacted by the Stamford Kitchen Company, formerly Banks and Banks, to establish a new website to highlight their distinctive kitchen designs. As part of that process and after a name change, we generated a new logo to set the brand apart. The client loved the idea of an icon, so an ‘S’ was developed to form a stylised kitchen cabinet. The logo was applied to various items including the new Stamford Kitchen Company website which is launching shortly.

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\ Shrinking Violet Stationery

Rebrand for Creative Florist Shrinking Violet. We created the the main logo as an explosion of colour, and working with the florists Nicky & Lorraine we stove to create an accurate representation of a floral display that was indicative of their unique style. The word mark, created in collaboration with local Calligrapher Helen Cox can be used in isolation, where a more simple logo is required.

\ Deiss Logo

We were asked to develop a brand identity for Deiss, a product engineering and design service to the Automotive. Aerospace, Medical and precision engineering business sectors. The logo, a graphic representation of the engineering process was then applied to various elements to raise the profile of the business.

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